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Recent Additions
Arrow ArumArrow Arum
Peltandra Virginica
Variegated Umbrella PalmVariegated Umbrella Palm ConquerorConqueror
LiouLiou CrystalCrystal LucidaLucida
Gloria du Temple-sur-LotGloria Temple-sur-Lot M-RoseaM-Rosea Lindsey WoodsLindsey Woods
Water Lily BowlsWater Lily Bowls Inspired by oriental water gardens. Single diminuitive lilies are chosen to plant in a decorative bowl. For the customer with limited space, an apartment, balcony, patio or deck. Fertilize monthly and place so they receive at least 12 hrs sun but avoid over heating. Easy to care for & rewarding to watch grow.
N. odorataN. odorata SulphureaSulphorea N. tetragonaN. tetragona
Super RedSuper Red Miami RoseMiami Rose Pink GrapefruitPink Grapefruit
Water PlantersWater Planters These are a smaller version of our 17" water bowls. 2 or 3 select shallow water plants are arranged in a rectangular planter. Planters are light weight & sized to fit in or outdoors in any location. The only care tip is to enjoy the rapid growth but keep plants trimmed.
Wood's Blue GoddessWood's Blue Goddess SiouxSioux Victoria LongwoodVictoria Longwood
Star of SiamStar of Siam StarbrightStarbright  
Recent Additions




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