Cook Water Farms: Aquatic Plant Guide
Shallow Water Plants
Barley Straw
Barley Straw
Simply float or anchor net bag of barley into pond in the spring. 1 lb. treats 100 square feet for 60 days (temp dependent) After 6 weeks replace with new bag for continued control. Sold in both 1# and 1/2 # bags.
Planting Tub

Deck and Pool Planting Tubs
Custom designed for Cook Water Farm to stand alone or in the pond. Perfect for lilies ( included with each lotus), group plantings, or tub gardens for patio, deck or display.

All  are black & have a supporting ridge:

Diameter / Depth; 17" / 9" • 20" / 14" • 22" / 14" • 24" / 14"

Plant Poster Water Plant Poster
(16"x39") vinyl, color photo & care information for 62 of our most popular water plants.
Potting Soil

Water Plant Potting Soil
For lilies or emergents, 20lb bag. contains minors & humus, 20-10-15 slow release fertilizer, feeds 60 days.


small retail bags 12 tablets/bag, 24 bags/case10-15-10, feeds 3-4 mo.
retail bag 25 tablets/bag, 24 bags/case 10-15-10, feeds 3-4 mo.
retail bag 25 throw tabs/bag, 24 bags/case use 1 tab/100gal/2 wks, for floaters
retail bottle 100 tablets/bottle, 12 bottles/case10-15-10, feeds 3-4 months

Mosquito Dunks Mosquito Dunks
Contains natural ingredients that eliminate the mosquito larvae (safe for people and pets). Simply drop 1 dunk into pond to treat 100 sq. ft., will last 30 days (weather dependent).
Pond Cleaner Pond Cleaner
Dispenses beneficial bacteria to clean and clarify pond. 100% natural, safe for people, pets, fish and plants. Treats 2500 gal for 30 days.
Hometime "How To" Videoguide
Water Gardens, Panning & Installation

Pond Underliner
1/2" synthetic pad portects liner


Pond Liner
EPDM, 45 mil

Potting Accessories
Pots specially shaped and black to hide in pond

1 gallon
2.5 gallon
5: square lily baskets, PSB 1010

Lily & Submerged plant gravel

Fish add color, movement & a bit of mystery to any pond. They also add ammonia, NH4, a strong fertilizer which causes the algae to bloom. So use Mack's maxim when stocking fish:
1" of fish per 15 - 22 gallons of water.
Remember the Koi are herbivores (they eat the plants).

Comets or Shubunkins

2 - 4"

4 - 5"





Select collection. Inquire concerning color & pattern. Decorative grade.

3 - 5"

5 - 6"

6 - 8"

8 - 10"



Water gardens in the No. Central states generally get good results using 1 snail/1-2 square feet (snails graze on the bottom & side surfaces of your pond, so determine your needs based on the bottom area of the pond plus the area of the side walls.

Mystery snails
Ramshorn snails
Trapdoor snails


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