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Wholesale Information & Terms
Suggested retail on all water plants is 100% in urban areas, 80% in rural areas. All our plants are tested, hardened and grown locally so you receive faster delivery and larger plants that will be successful for your customers so they will be back for more.

Wholesale prices are strictly intended for wholesale customers who operate a retail business that sells to end users. We offer wholesale pricing at our own discretion and reserve the right to revoke it whenever it appears that the customer is not purchasing our plant material for wholesale use. We reserve the right to delay or cancel all or part of an order if conditions beyond our control affect our plant material.

Payment Terms
Established accounts are net 15 or 30 days as arranged. All other accounts are COD. Orders from accounts that are delinquent must be prepaid. Overdue accounts will be charged a finance charge of 1.5%/month.

Plant Shipping
Single and less than minimum orders are shipped by ground transport. All but the largest plants (lotus) can be shipped next day or 2 day delivery. Water plants have a thin cuticle so they are very susceptible to drying. Boxes should be opened immediately, plants unwrapped & immediately potted for best results. If this is not possible, the plants should be unwrapped, then they can be set or floated in the pond for 24-48 hours. 1 quart to 1 gallon black pots work well for potting. A 10 lb batch of soil mixture should consist of 4 parts black dirt (well decomposed), 1 part sand & 1/2 part clay plus 1 oz bone meal and 1 oz fertilizer (10-15-10). Plants with fibrous roots should be planted with the crown at the soil level, rhizomatous plants should be allowed to crawl across the soil surface (a weight may be needed to temporarily hold the plant in place until it is well established). Spread about 1/2" of pea gravel on the soil surface, totally submerge pot to expel any trapped air. Then display at recommended depths. Follow the temperature guidelines strictly: >60F (water temp) for most submerged & shallow water plants, >70F for floating & more tropical varieties. Be especially careful of early season night temperatures dipping below 60F.

Prices are subject to change without notice & prices at time of shipment will prevail. For current quotations please call us. Alternate pricing and sales tax will be charged unless we have your properly completed exemption certificate. All prices are for POTTED PLANTS, bare root available on request.

Merchandise may be picked up at our greenhouses only if a list of items is ordered at least 48 hours prior to the arranged pickup date. Please prepare adequate containers and an enclosed truck, and be prepared to pick up only those items ordered. No tours are possible during the busy spring truck loading season. All plants and paperwork are prepared prior to your arrival & no last minutes changes are possible (a pickup is generally an in & out event along with other trucks' loading). Same or next day pickups are only possible after July 1 for an additional 25% fee.

Delivery Claims
All deliveries are inspected & counted 4 times prior to delivery. It is the buyer's responsibility to examine the quality & count before signing the invoice. Note any inconsistencies before signing the invoice. Failure to note or report will obviate any recovery or future action. Report any discrepancy between the packing list & invoice with the driver or within 24 hours of receiving shipment.

Post Delivery
The condition and care of all merchandise, live plants, & fish or snails is the sole responsibility of the buyer after receipt of shipment & signing of invoice.

We pride ourselves in filling every order completely, but we are not obligated to pay any expense for items backordered or not received. Any substitutions will be made only when authorized by the buyer.

Limitation of Warranty
Cook Water Farms makes no warranty, either expressed or implied, as to any matter in connection with the sale or use of goods, nor does the company make any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any purpose. All recommendations by us are only opinion & the result of experience, literature & scientific reporting. Because conditions of use are beyond our control, we make no warranty or representation expressed or implied except that goods are as is when accepted & signed for at time of delivery. We are not responsible for damage or failure because of recommendations by our personnel or us. Our liability as seller shall be limited to the stated selling price of any goods, which in no event shall include buyer's cost, lost profits, or good will, or any other special consequential damages.

Governing Laws
These terms & conditions shall be governed by & shall be construed according to the laws of Minnesota. *Check your local regulating agencies for restrictions.

Seminars are available July through March.

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